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So much more than a steel warehouse

KönigStahl is a part of the 150-year history of KÖNIG HOLDING AG — a group operating in Europe dealing with the distribution of steel and aluminum products.

In Poland, we specialize in the distribution of steel pipes, closed profiles and drawn steel, but also in the sales of window, door and facade systems manufactured by Jansen, a Swiss company.

Our specialists have extensive technical competences and broad knowledge that they use to support our clients in designing durable and efficient solutions based on steel products. Expert technical consulting and the vast knowledge of our products and applications is the key to our success.

KÖNIGSTAHL steel pipes and drawn steel,
available in different types of finishes and material grades

KÖNIGSTAHL, offering a wide range of top-quality steel products, is not just a steel wholesaler. KÖNIGSTAHL also stands for expert advice when it comes to defining the most appropriate technical solutions for our clients’ projects, extensive support, and long-term business partnerships. We also offer added-value services, such as sourcing, just-in-time deliveries, and shaping.

We store and supply a wide range of longitudinally welded cold-formed grade S235JRH steel pipes. We can also provide you with cold-formed steel pipes, from the S235JRH grade to the high-strength S960MH grade, as well as spiral-welded and hot-rolled steel pipes, on special request. Our drawn steel and rolled steel is truly universal. We offer drawn steel with round, square, hexagonal and flat profiles, in various variants of surface treatment: standard drawn steel, flattened steel, grinded steel and polished steel.

Our cold-rolled closed hollow profiles with excellent strength are used in steel constructions, residential buildings and in the production of the machines. Hot-rolled profiles offered by KÖNIGSTAHL, that have a uniform hardness and a uniform distribution of internal stresses throughout the entire cross-section and in the corners, are perfectly suited for off-shore applications. Our drawn bars and flat bars are recommended when the precision and accuracy of surface finishing are of decisive importance, especially in such applications as: construction of machines, furniture industry, electrotechnical industry, and the manufacturing of optical equipment.

Product, service, people

The combination of three elements: “Product, Service and People”, and our philosophy “Your success – our passion” has been the key to our unwavering market position for over 25 years. We are one of the strongest players in the steel market. We perceive ourselves not only as a supplier of steel metallurgical materials, but also as a competent partner for our clients in the steel industry. Thanks to our well-optimized logistics, we can guarantee the highest quality of steel materials and quick deliveries.

We offer a comprehensive range of services: from technical consultancy, material supply, storage, steel processing on request, handling of complex deliveries, to transport. Our rich range of products covers the numerous different needs of our clients: from steel pipes and sections, bars, flat bars and rolled steel, to steel profiles for building finishing.

JANSEN steel systems
Advanced steel profile systems for doors, windows and facades

The Swiss steelwork systems of Jansen AG are well known throughout Europe for their top quality and precision. KÖNIGSTAHL is the exclusive distributor of Jansen systems in Poland. Thanks to its parameters, steel is an material that’s irreplaceable in modern constructions. Jansen defines new standards of quality, form and durability of steel profiles, suitable not only for modern doors and windows, but also for complex glazed facades and spatial structures.

In Poland, Jansen products have been used in the construction market for over 20 years. Our products were used in many prestigious buildings throughout the entire country, e.g. in the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, Targi Kielce (an exhibition and congress centre), the main building of the Polish National Telvision, Town Hall in Konstancin-Jeziorna, and the nominated for many prestigious awards building of the Faculty of Radio and Television of the University of Silesia in Katowice. The quality of our products, our professionalism, and the support we offer our customers at every stage of the construction process are acknowledged by our trade partners.