Jansen Janisol Arte 2.0 – The new generation

This profile series has been developed for restoration of industrial and loft glazing, including windows protected as historic monuments. The typical, gracefully built glazing in Bauhaus style can be reconstructed nearly perfectly with extremely elegant and thermally isolated profiles.

Janisol Arte is being used increasingly in modern architecture due to its narrow face widths.​

  • Profiles in steel polished blank or hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Suitable for powder-coating or stove enamel finish
  • Profile construction depth 60 mm for frames and window casements
  • Very narrow face widths: bars only 40 mm, window casement only 60 mm
  • Single and double-vent windows, with/without side panels or skylight
  • Side-hung, tilt & turn, bottom-hung and top-hung windows projected top-hung windows inward and outward opening
  • Special geometrical shapes (round arch, trapezoid windows etc.)
  • Wide variety of options for fittings
  • Mounted electric drives
  • CE marking in accordance with product standard EN 14351-1
  • Driving rain impermeability up to class 9A (600 Pa)
  • Air permeability up to class 4
  • Resistant against wind load up to class 4 (1'600 Pa)
  • Airborne sound insulation up to 42 db
  • Thermal transition coefficient Uw > 1.4 W/m2K
  • Shear connection tested in accordance with EN 14024
Product Window, Window door, Ventilation systeme
Material Steel
Energy Thermally insulated (1,3 ≤ Uf ≤ 2,0)
  • Standard
  • increased sound insulation 38 - 45 dB
  • increased sound insulation more than 45 dB
Key figures
  • Thermal insulation Uf in W/m²K von: 1,9
  • Thermal insulation Uw in W/m²K von: 1,4
  • Schalldämmung Rw,p in dB bis: 42,0
  • Pulver: all Variations
  • Nasslack: all Variations
  • Luftdichtheit: 4
  • Schlagregendichtheit: 9A
  • Widerstand gegen Windlast: C4

All approvals, certificates, classifications, technical assessments and other documents can be found at: