Jansen VISS Fire

Even in the event of fire the panes remain in the correct position – thanks to the VISS Fire System and its different additional components such as fire protection anchors, contact pressure profiles of stainless steel etc. The penetration of fire and smoke is reliably prevented. Numerous construction projects as well as a variety of international tests and approvals in the classes E30, EI30, EI60, and EI90 prove the reliability of VISS Fire in terms of thermal insulation and fire protection.​

  • Profiles in steel polished blank or hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Suitable for powder-coating or stove enamel finish
  • Profile face width 50 mm
  • Profile construction depths von 50 to 140 mm
  • Infill unit thicknesses from 5 to 70 mm
  • Designer profile (Linear)
  • Mullion-mullion-transom assembly or unit construction
  • Welded and/or push-fit construction with system T joints
  • Fire rated in accordance with EN 1364
  • Fire protection classes for vertical façade: E(W)30 / E(W)60 / E90 / EI30 / EI60 / EI90
  • Fire protection classes for roof glazing: E(W)30 / EI30
  • Corresponds to the product standard EN 13830 for curtain wall façades
  • TRAV positive tested (Technical Rules for Crash-proof Glazing)
Product Facades, Pitch roof construktionen
Material Steel
Energy Thermally insulated (1,3 ≤ Uf ≤ 2,0)
Key figures
  • Thermal insulation Uf in W/m²K von: -1,0
  • Thermal insulation Uf in W/m²K bis: -1,0
  • Pulver: all Variations
  • Nasslack: all Variations
  • Feuerschutzklasse: E/EI 30-90

All approvals, certificates, classifications, technical assessments and other documents can be found at: