Jansen Economy 60 Door Systems

Thanks to much larger construction depth and wall thickness, Jansen-Economy 60 is particularly suitable for large, heavily stressed single and double leaf door units and for applications in the safety region.​

  • Profiles in steel polished blank or hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Suitable for powder-coating or stove enamel finish
  • System construction depth 60 mm, flush design
  • Single and double leaf doors, with/without fixed side panels/skylight
  • Metal paneled doors with or without glass cutouts
  • Can be designed as finger protecting door
  • Swing door as a special solution
  • Special geometrical shapes (round arch)
  • Welded on or screwed on steel and stainless steel strips
  • Integrated door closers
  • Multi point locks (optionally motor-driven)
  • Designer glazing bead in steel and aluminium
  • CE marking in accordance with product standard EN 14351-1
  • Driving rain impermeability up to class 5A
  • Air permeability up to class 4
  • Resistant against wind load up to class C5
  • Soundproofing up to Rw 45 db
  • Burglary protection rating up to RC (WK) 3 in accordance with EN 1627
  • Bullet resistance FB 4-6 S/NS
  • Emergency door in accordance with EN 1125 / EN 179
  • Mechanical strength class 4
Product Security systems, Doors
Material Steel
Energy Not insulated ( Uf ≥ 2,0)
  • Standard
  • increased sound insulation 38 - 45 dB
  • increased sound insulation more than 45 dB
Key figures
  • Schalldämmung Rw,p in dB bis: 45,0
  • Einbruchhemmung RC von: RC2
  • Einbruchhemmung RC bis: RC3
  • Pulver: all Variations
  • Nasslack: all Variations
  • Luftdichtheit: 4
  • Schlagregendichtheit: 5A
  • Widerstand gegen Windlast: C5
  • Dauerfunktion: 6
  • mechan. Festigkeit: 4
  • Beschussklasse: FB4-6

All approvals, certificates, classifications, technical assessments and other documents can be found at: