Jansen Janisol C4 EI60

Jansen has utilized the advantages of ceramic, and that resulted in fire protection profiles, which optimally combine stability and maximum fire protection properties. Thanks to the innovative fire protection filling, fire resistance classes up to EI90 can be achieved with a construction depth of just 70 mm.​

  • Profiles in steel polished blank or hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Suitable for powder-coating or stove enamel finish
  • System construction depth 70 mm, flush design
  • Single and double leaf doors, with/without fixed side units/skylight, partition walls
  • Fixed glazing with open glass edge
  • Welded on or screwed on steel and stainless steel strips
  • Integrated door closers
  • Multi point locks (optionally motor-driven)
  • Designer glazing bead in steel
  • Jointing to heavy or lightweight construction wall
  • Optionally dry or wet glazing
  • Centrally positioned glazing possible
  • Up to a door height of 2.50 m with collapsing locking system
  • Up to a door height of 3.0 m with collapsing locking system and bimetal bracket
  • Fire rated in accordance with EN 1634-1
  • Smoke control tested in accordance with EN 1634-3 (Sm)
  • Emergency door in accordance with EN 1125 / EN 179
  • Burglary protection rating RC (WK) up to class 3
Product Security systems, Doors
Material Steel
Energy Thermally insulated (1,3 ≤ Uf ≤ 2,0)
  • Standard
Key figures
  • Wärmedämmung Uf in W/m²K: von -1,0 bis -1,0
  • Einbruchdämmung RC: von RC2 bis RC3
  • Bautiefe in mm: 70,0
  • Pulver: alle Varianten
  • Nasslack: alle Varianten
  • Gewicht in kg: 230,0
  • Bedienungskräfte: 2
  • mechan. Festigkeit: 4
  • Feuerschutzklasse: EI60
  • Rauchschutzklasse: SM

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